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Kids from Head Start celebrate Thanksgiving function at Paola Free library
Rosy King, Paola Free library director said, usually kids will be coming to the Paola Free Library from Head Start to enjoy Thanksgiving for the last 15 years. Even this year there will be a grand Thanksgiving function.

Approximately 15 kids were prepared to listen the story and to practice for the day with a great lunch.

Rosy King helped to teach the Head Start children about the significance of Thanksgiving function. Students listened to the story which was about the Mayflower and then they practiced to perform it on the Thanksgiving Day.

The library also welcomes Son Shine Preschool and Paola Preschool to participate in a Thanksgiving banquet for kids, Rosy King added. The meal will be awesome for kids.


Rosy read the book, “Pilgrim Children on the Mayflower”, that describes the kids about the first pilgrims as they made the path to America. The book narrated that the children becoming uninterested while traveling on the ship and they are eating bread and beans, but also facing few storms all along the way. At the end of the story in the book, the children leave the ship and become friends with the Native Americans and they will have the first Thanksgiving.

After narrating the story, King gave the Indian and pilgrim hats for the children and she had captain’s hat herself. Then the children are made to sit in rows on a table, which was considered as a ship, and they sailed for the New World. On the way, the kids encountered few storms, where aids flashed the lights, played thunder music and flipped water from cups to create a scene of rain. While reaching the coast, Rosy King said the pilgrims that the Indians were nice and students from Head Start said, “YESSSS!”

Jamie Bird, teacher said even though Rosy King has been celebrating this function for years with the kids, this year was unforgettable and excellent!!