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Library book returned after 73 years by an 85-year-old man

Thomas McArdle, an 85-year-old Maryland man is returning a book to his Pennsylvania school library that was checked out before 73 years.

He says, his love of history was sourced by a book and so he checked it out from the western Pennsylvania school library in 1936 (before 73 years) and has finally returned it.

The 85-year-old man, who is living in Greenbelt, Md., was just 12 when he checked out the novel "The Birth of Rome" from Chestnut Street Elementary School in Scottdale.

Mr. McArdle said, “I had to write a paper in class and I took out a brand-new book, a novel, written for that age about the story of Rome and how Rome developed from when it was founded by Romulus and Remus. I just fell in love with the book and then I did a nasty thing, I kept the book. I read it about three or four times after that”.
He added, “I have quite book collection now and one day while dusting the book shelves I saw that book and thought it was time to return it". Then he returned it to the Southmoreland School District in a parcel with a letter apologizing for the delay.

Southmoreland Middle School Principal Daniel Clara said, "I don't know what a fee would be on a book that has been overdue for 73 years but we are going to wave the fee since it has been returned”.